Jayde (33) is Australian living in the Netherlands (Oosterhout) with her Dutch husband Koen and their three children (2, 4 and 6), cat, dog and four chickens.

Het begin van Sunny Mummy
When Jayde was pregnant with her third child she was very sick with nausea. The only thing that would subside the sickness was ‘racktjes ijs’ but she came to the conclusion at 0400 in the morning eating these alone in the dark that it probably wasn’t the healthiest option.

She went to the health food store the next day to see if there was anything to help her but besides multivitamins and tea – there really wasnt anything to help her. She discovered the same when breastfeeding and later with energy and immunity. Jayde needed a easy way to support her nutrition during the most beautiful yet most difficult point in her life.

Together with Koen they discovered the freeze dried option, created a software that analyses the nutritional properties of fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, researched what a woman’s body needs during pregnancy, breastfeeding, energy and immunity and then spent weeks in the kitchen developing mixes that looked and tasted awesome. Once they were happy with the recipe they found a Dutch supplier to help with the professional mixing and packaging and so Sunny Mummy was born!

It is recommended to eat a variety of 30 plants a week and 400g of fruit and vegetables a day. Many adults (especially new mothers) are not able to reach this health standard. Sunny Mummy makes it easy for women to boost their nutrition since 1-2 teaspoons (5-10g) is the equivalent of 50-100g of fruit and vegetables!

Waarom Sunnymummy?
I have always been described as a bright and ‘Sunny’ person. In Australia the sun is always shining and children call their mother ‘Mummy’. It felt like the most perfect name, sounding fun, describing the ‘target group’ while expressing my personality! I am still so happy with it every day! It makes me happy!

Looking after myself is top priority. When I look after myself, I am better able to look after the people I love. Most women don’t have time to chop up a fruit salad for breakfast every morning – so I see this as an instant salad where 97% of natural vitamins, minerals, fibers, colours and flavours remain thanks to the natural freeze dried technology. Sunny Mummy is really just apart of my daily routine. I use my mixes and share my day to day recipes and day to day happenings as a mother with my amazing community of women on instagram. Here I enjoy connecting with women, listening to their stories, highs and lows – I get a lot of inspiration back from them too. We are all connected.

Hoe combineer je het hebben van een eigen (web)Shop met het moederschap, familie en/of sociaal leven?
To be honest it’s very busy! I work hard in all areas in life to try to create a balance. I have three official work mornings to do administration, meetings and social media and when ever I get an order I pack as they come in (so that at the end of the day I am not completely over whelmed with boxes!) I love having my own business at home which means I can be a ‘stay at home mother’, enjoy my family, do the things that make me happy like yoga, hanging out in nature and being creative – while running my web shop at the same time. It suits our lifestyle really well! For that I am grateful.

Sunnymummy in een paar woorden

Superfoods voor MOMS: Duurzaam, plantaardig met 100% pure ingrediënten. Sunny Mummy is lekker, gezond & makkelijk voor alle vrouwen.

Waar zie jij Sunnymummy over een paar jaar?
My dream is that Sunny Mummy flows really well, is a well known and loved brand – a necessity for all women to enjoy and use during their journey. I’d love to have a bigger packing and office space and some colleagues would be really lovely too! I don’t need to be a millionaire but if I could afford go to Australia to visit my family and friends with Koen and the kids once a year, i’d be really super happy!

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